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Welcome to St. Gregory!

“People come to us, whether Catholic or not — we serve not because they are Catholic, but because we are Catholic.” — Archbishop Kurtz

Know that your donation to Catholic Services Appeal helps many, including St. Gregory. Please watch this video from Archbishop Kurtz and the Archdiocese of Louisville, and consider donating to the Catholic Services Appeal.

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About St. Gregory Parish

The faith tradition of Saint Gregory is built upon the living stones of those who have gone before us. Beginning in 1845, many priests, deacons, religious sisters, lay faithful, teachers and families have contributed generously to the building and shaping of our parish community. We are forever grateful to God for their holiness and the heritage they have passed on to us. Today, that faith tradition continues to flourish through the many individuals and families of faith that now comprise our parish.

St. Gregory’s mission shares in the work of the Archdiocese as we strive to be living examples of the following:

“With Jesus Christ as our model, and inspired by the Word of God, we are called forth from the Altar to live Gospel stewardship, to welcome the stranger, to serve the needs of others and to nourish spiritual growth at all levels of human development.”

While we hope you find the information provided here helpful, we know that nothing can take the place of personal contact. So we welcome you to call us, make a visit to Samuels and stop by our office or school and most certainly to celebrate Mass with us!